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Blood Pressure Companion Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 5488 ratings )
Health & Fitness Medical
Developer: Maxwell Software
0.99 USD
Current version: 6.1, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 03 Aug 2011
App size: 9.7 Mb

Blood Pressure Companion is a blood pressure, heart rate and weight tracker.

Keeping track of blood pressure is a good habit to keep healthy. High blood pressure (HBP) is one of most common and frequently-occurring diseases; heredity, unbalanced diet, fat, lack of exercise, and drink etc may cause high blood pressure.

Using Blood Pressure Companion to track your blood pressure, you can monitor your blood pressure closely and visual by words, chart and histogram. When you find it abnormal, you can take quick actions to find the reason and keep it from growing high.

Also you can share measurements conveniently with your doctors by this app.

Main features:

⁃ Easily add and edit blood pressure, heart rate, weight and test date.
⁃ Add note to the readings.
⁃ Track systolic, diastolic, heart rate and weight by chart.
⁃ Analyze times and percentage of each blood pressure range.
⁃ Calculate Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) of each reading.
⁃ Create reminders for measuring BP, doctor visiting or anything else.
⁃ Show MAX, MIN and AVG number of readings by number and histogram.
⁃ Show statistics of measurement by day, week, month or year.
⁃ Save snapshots to Photos.
⁃ Export (Email) readings in format of CSV, HTML or PDF.
⁃ Custom date range of readings to be exported.
⁃ Custom your own color range.
⁃ Passcode function to protect your info.
⁃ Supports Touch ID as passcode.
⁃ Support multi-users, track the blood pressure of yours and your family’s.
⁃ Support lbs and kgs.
⁃ Clean and humanized interface.
⁃ Support WiFi backup and restore.
⁃ Supports iCloud backup & restore. (Sync data between devices by iCloud)
⁃ Supports Dropbox backup and restore.
⁃ Supports printing data in app.
⁃ Supports transferring data to Health app.
⁃ Supports 3D Touch function.
⁃ Supports Apple Watch version.

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Pros and cons of Blood Pressure Companion Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Blood Pressure Companion Pro app good for

Comment on 27/12/2012 - I am very pleased with this app again. They fixed all my complains. The app is very reliable, it does not crash, not once. I highly recommend. Therefore, my rating is back to four stars, if not five.
This is a nifty app to log your BP data, with nice graphs and data export features. I just think the graph has to have a higher value resolution, since the cut off values for HBPM, according to most recent guidelines is 135/85, as these all-important values are not shown in the graph. Overall, it is a well-crafted app. Some of the competition out there just looks sloppy. I also think it would be nice if they could list validated devices in a roll-down menu, so that we could add that information easily in the notes section, and then set an "always use this device for my measurements" option.
Good app but lacks the ability to have multiple notification alerts.
Simple, clean and ease of use. Displays the info required in an easy to read and clear format. This is what I was looking for and am very pleased with the app.
Luv it Can add / edit then create a PDF and email to my physician who reviews and files
Super easy to use. I like that you can print off a history of readings during a specific date. It took me a while to actually figure out that you can add a note when you do your reading. I like that you can edit it as well incase you make a mistake when entering it.

Some bad moments

I tried and tried, my IOS is up to date just doesnt work. Free version is ok ...dont upgrade
Upgraded to paid version to use multiple profiles. Data in free version has to migrate, (several months of data), migrate profile did not work. Waited several days for reply from support and the tell me to repeat the same failed process which failed again of course.
Bad app Could not figure it out Its not what they say it is I think Its a scam
I am thoroughly disgusted with people who sell their app, then tell their loyal customers to go fly your kite - alone!!!!! Service does NOT exist - anywhere!!!!! After 23 attempted emails to their only mechanism provided their customers without ANY response, I am now FORCED Backup and Restore to Dropbox and kiss iCloud goodbye !!!!!! They could care less if they cared at all!!!! Irony: The dame app and same iOS Version on my iPad PRO 9.7" device continues to work just fine - no problems at all. This problem with iPhone 6+ and iOS 10.0.2 must be fixed!!!!!!!!!! It is incompatible with iPhone 6+!
I have 23 data points in the health app that this app sees only if i roll in rhe exact date and time of each entry. Not being able to type in the numbers has lost me on this one.

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