Blood Pressure Companion Pro App recensioner

Easy to use

Easy to use

Integrates well

I love how this works well with my Health app on my iPhone. I was using this app well before Apple incorporated the health stats on our phones. I have a history of my BP at the doctors office and this app helps me to be ready for her.

Great app

I’ve been using this app for more than 5 years and remain impressed with its performance. It’s easy to use, does not freeze during use (even if there is a delay entering data), and provides great graphical & historical data. I record my BP and weight every weekend and in addition to being able to share my numbers with my physician, it’s nice to be able to compare spikes/drops in my BP & weight by seasons/time of year. Major kudos to the developers of this app!

Add input choices

App works fine and it easy to use but one thing could make it better. Allow the use to choose to use the spinning wheel or just type in the numbers directly. It seems strange that the glucose app allows direct input by typing numbers yet has a spin wheel for weight. The blood pressure app has spinning wheels too. Why not make it a choice for the user on how to select an input style? I prefer the direct input. Less mistakes than having to spin the price is right wheel.

Works as expected.

Does what it should.

Good app

Easy to use

My doctor loves this app

Yep give it to you the option of printing out color charts and graphs of your blood pressure history over a one week to a one year. Help. My doctor loves the details of the charts I am the notes that I put into each of the measurements. I’ve been using this app to monitor my blood pressure for well over a year. I love it!

All I need to track my health

Easy to use and easy to follow, I use it everyday!

Pretty simple

Pretty simple bp tracking app. Only wish it interfaced with my Bluetooth pressure monitor.

Life source

Love it, easy to use


Great app. Helps with keeping track of my np.

Handy little blood pressure log

It keeps your blood pressures and weights and displays them in tables, bar graft, or line charts.

Great to store and retrieve BPs since always high in MD office

Found it very helpful in keeping track of BPs. I would suggest that unless weight is entered prior weight not be entered into new day.’should record. Like the availability of daily notes to keep track of things that might raise or lower BP that I can use when I show MD my record. Nice that I can tailor dates to reflect info since last appointment.

High / Low Blood Pressure? Chart it.

Model: iPhone 10,3 Version: 11.4 App: 2.3 Yes! This App does everything it is designed to do and more! Works with Apple's Health app! All issues responded to and fixed immediately! I have been using this App since iOS 3.0. Was, and still is, the best! Get it now! Ha!!!

Great App!

Awesome app especially the export to iCloud feature which allows me to sync my data with my other iOS devices

Very nice app

App is easy to use. I really like the ability to export data to a CSV file. I highly recommend this app.


I’ve been using this app to track BP and weight for several years. It’s easy to use and provides easy access to my history.

Thank You!!!

So grateful for this app. Thank you!!

Excellent App!!!!!!

This app is great for tracking BP, pulse, and weight. The "notes" feature is very valuable when clarification of historical data may be needed. All of the data can be emailed to the physicians in a numerical and graphic format, making it easy to read and spot trends.

Great app

Very helpful!

Easy, convenient, my physician loves it!

My physician loves the detail and easy to read report. Strongly recommend.

Great app!

This is a very user-friendly app! I use it daily.

Great, but would not stop asking me to review.

Great, but would not stop asking me to review. I bought the paid version precisely because the unpaid version kept asking for a review and I just didn’t feel like doing it. Kept on asking with the paid version, and the “No thanks” button doesn’t work. I’d return it for this reason only if I could, but it can’t. I’m now finally giving this review with the hope it will stop asking. Just annoying!

App works great for me

Works well and is a great price. Only improvement would be integration with a wireless BP monitor. Does that exist?


Excelente para monitorizar pa y sus cambios y adecuación de tratamiento

Manual data entry

Manual data entry

Fix your app

Almost every time I open this app it try to make me write a review. It will not let me chose "Remind me later" or "No Thanks". Until you get it fix I will give you only one star. Every thing else about this app is great. GET IT FIXED! PLEASE!

Great app

This app connects right to the Apple built in health app where you can list your meds and emergency contacts. This app is easy to use and set up for your personal health.

Works great

This app is great. Has awesome graphs.

Great accountability app!

Helpful app for tracking BP and being health conscious! User friendly too!

Easy to use

I need something easy that I can use and show to my doctor. This did the trick. The reports are helpful and the app allows me to add notes, which can also be helpful (before/after meds, etc).

Gmail or pdf aren’t an option for export

I really really really like this app so far for some simple bp tracking requested by my doctor. But guys you have got to give us more export options besides the default Apple mail app.


Best application for tracking and reminding!

Easy to use

As the subject line says it is very easy to “dial” in blood pressure readings. I find that easier than typing numbers. I have not used the reports very much. The doctor has not made it clear to me what he would prefer in a report but he does not seem completely satisfied with the ones I have given him. I like the ability to add notes and record weight.

Great well-designed app

My wife and I take our BP, HR and bodyweight once a week and record it using this app. We’ve now done this for over two years and appreciate having the data at our fingertips when we visit our docs. My high blood pressure at the outset of our use of this app led me to change my eating significantly. It was supportive and encouraging to see my weekly heart stats and bodyweight lower significantly over time using this app. Would like to see an ability to display a summary of stats over a multi year period of use rather than the current one year limit.

Awesome App

So practical. Easy to use. Just show the history page to my doctor and format is clear and understand👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Great app

I use this app everyday. It’s great when you go to see the Doc. And all your readings are there to show him.

Easy to use

This app allowed me to use my own blood pressure monitor and track my results. I still haven’t figured out a big difference or extra features between the free and paid versions but at only $0.99 the paid is worth not having ads. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to easily keep records and averages.

Screen display is not readable

Several screen displays (such as time & basic BP data entry) are often not readable— the data selection section overlaps the other display areas and cannot be read.

Outstanding app!

My doctor really likes the printouts the app generates.

Great app

Great for tracking BP & other health data. My cardiologist loves the PDF reports I provide him.

Love it

Love it

Have used this for years

I have an app that takes my blood pressure (I health), but I always transfer the data to this app because of the reporting and graphing functions. As a family position, the canna on the main artery pressure and the averages are very helpful.


My doctor loves tins app

Love the app

This blood pressure app gives me the ability to monitor all my readings. I share the quarterly readings (and graphs) with my doctor. I would recommend this app to anyone who needs to monitor their blood pressure.

Great App!

It’s so easy to take my BP and input it into the app, along with my weight and any notes. Literally takes a minute. The report output is brilliant! I was able to print it and bring it to my doctor appointment. So it’s not high- tech, it’s so simple to use it doesn’t matter. And tracking my progress has encouraged me to watch my sodium intake and diet, and help me lose weight, too.


Works great!

Have to rate

Keeps having pop up so I would rate

BP App

Outstanding health tool. Great way to share with doctors

Easy To Use

This app has worked very well for me. I would give it 5 stars if they would improve the way they handle time zone changes. As it is, all the times showing up in History are converted to the time zone you are in, and not the time when the reading was actually recorded. As someone who travels around the world, this is a major PITA. I have to manually change many rows of the spreadsheet, changing both time and date as necessary, before I can give a copy to my doctor.

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