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Have used this for years

I have an app that takes my blood pressure (I health), but I always transfer the data to this app because of the reporting and graphing functions. As a family position, the canna on the main artery pressure and the averages are very helpful.


My doctor loves tins app

Love the app

This blood pressure app gives me the ability to monitor all my readings. I share the quarterly readings (and graphs) with my doctor. I would recommend this app to anyone who needs to monitor their blood pressure.

Great App!

It’s so easy to take my BP and input it into the app, along with my weight and any notes. Literally takes a minute. The report output is brilliant! I was able to print it and bring it to my doctor appointment. So it’s not high- tech, it’s so simple to use it doesn’t matter. And tracking my progress has encouraged me to watch my sodium intake and diet, and help me lose weight, too.


Works great!

Have to rate

Keeps having pop up so I would rate

BP App

Outstanding health tool. Great way to share with doctors

Easy To Use

This app has worked very well for me. I would give it 5 stars if they would improve the way they handle time zone changes. As it is, all the times showing up in History are converted to the time zone you are in, and not the time when the reading was actually recorded. As someone who travels around the world, this is a major PITA. I have to manually change many rows of the spreadsheet, changing both time and date as necessary, before I can give a copy to my doctor.


I think this app is pretty good. I like that I can write notes about the situation when I’m taking my blood pressure.

Upgraded to support developer

Love the app, gave printout to doc and it really helped Would like to see a few more features such as an analytical page outlining more info on readings Need to see the healthy MAP range and maybe some form of placing resting heart rate into categories , eg athlete or average or need to get healthier type thing Ability to printout charts would be great , select type of chart would be useful . :)

I tried several this is best

Amazingly easy to use. With minor effort learned to understand all different ways of presenting data. Very helpful for monitoring reaction to meds. Great import/export/share functions.

Very nice

My physician is impressed by the reports

Backup and restore problem fixed

Fantastic App. Everyone should use this app. This app is being recommended to all of my doctors patients. My doctor feels this is just another tool for every heart patient. My Doctor is telling his patients about this app. So easy to use.

App is a great help

Due to side effects from 1 med my BP went sky high. Having this remind me everyday to take my BP has kept me safe. My dr was even impressed. THANKS!

Nice BP tracker

Love the fact I can export entries to show doctor


This neat little utility has become a part of my daily life. While it became my new tool in defense of my normal BP numbers vs the physicians, resulting in being diagnosed with White Coat Syndrome, it has also been an excellent tool when my BP actually took a more aggressive uptick resulting in sub coming to BP meds. It has invoked conversations about healthy eating especially what to avoid.

Great way to keep tabs on blood pressure

The BP companion app was referred to me by my cardiologist and I love all the features. It makes tracking and keeping tabs on heart rate, blood pressure and any notes about what is going on quite easy.

Great app!

Perfect for what I need!

Can't import from Dropbox as advertised

Bought this pro version and spent a lot of time prepping bp data in CSV file from another app for Dropbox import into this one---followed all instructions carefully all to no avail. No support. :-/

So good I upgraded to support developer

Simple easy interface that automatically sends info to the Apple health app and can be exported to my doctor. I did have a small issue with the free app, and emailed the developer. To my surprise, they emailed back! Since i just had the free version i didn’t think they would, and it didn’t seem to be a robo-response either. The upgrade is only .99¢ but since it’s such a good app I want to make sure the developer gets something.

Best BP App

Use this several times a day. Simple but complete. Show it to my doc when I go see him.

Life saving

Excellent APP, gives me exactly what my doctors want to see. Highly recommend.


Very useful love it...

Valuable tool!

Great way to track important info. Easy to convert to spreadsheet and give to MD. This continues to work for me. I can easily access vital information and review my progress. It is my favorite health App! I depend on this app to monitor my health. It is accurate and allows me to stay on top of my bp and weight. The App is easy to navigate too!

Quite Useful

I use this daily to track my BP. Works just fine for me

Great App

I love it!

Carmul, ca

Easy to use. Excellent record keeping of BP.

Great app !

My doctor really likes it, she can review my history so easily


Excellent app. Love the ability to keep track and average my BP all on its own. Also, anyone that thinks getting your BP through an Apple Watch is reliable at all needs to educate themselves.

Great App!

Easy to use and easy to read. Clear charts are wonderful and very understandable. I love this app! Been using the app for a couple of years now and it’s still my favorite. I tried others but they were not as easy and user friendly. I’m sticking with the best. Thanks!

Excellent Tool

This is very useful for keeping track of my status. The ability to write notes is particularly helpful.


Easy to use. Allows me to see my readings and my trends. My doctor likes it.

BP Companion

This is a really easy app to use. Editing your info is a snap in case you forgot to add other items, like your weight. Even my physician noted how easy it is to get the info. Glad I got it!


So easy to use. Great reports

It Works!!

The blood pressure app does what it’s supposed to do. I am very happy with it!

Great App.

Easy To Use & Set Up keeping tabs on my BP & Weight is simple & Straight Forward Have Found Nothing To Complain About. Thank You I would give 5 Stars if the app also included a BMI reading,

Great app

Basic is perfect sometimes

Really good app,but

I really find this app very useful for monitoring and help managing my hypertension. I also take with me on medical mission trips to use in the field. I would have given it a 5-Star rating if also had place to record SpO2 levels. With that addition it would get a 6-Star rating from me. Maybe that is a not so subtle “hint” for someone.

Great App for Health!!!

This is a great app. Very intuitive.

Best BP App

My favorite BP App‼️ another I had wouldn't work all of the time. This app is much more reliable ‼️❤️❤️

Great App

I use this to track my blood pressure so I can show doctors my “normal” blood pressure readings, as I have “white coat syndrome”. It syncs with the MyFitnessPal and Health app for weight, etc.

A Significant Resource for BP Control

This is a wonderful app to follow the control of my hypertension. At times when control was not achieved, it helped me to present the data to my physician. Now it helps me establish and prove my adequate control. I highly recommend it. HEMARTINEZ


I have two bp instruments (OMRON and RiteAid) and needed an app to record the readings and display summaries and graphs; this does this and more; unlike another apps, it does not require me to purchase their bp monitor - what makes a software developed particularly qualified at designing a medical grade bp monitor? The price of the app is more than reasonable and it is easy to use; tracks weight also.

Works as baseline

Integrates seamlessly with apple health app

Best app ever!

Have had this app for almost 3 years! Never a issue. Easy to read, record and share readings with my doctor. She says it’s great to keep track and have a base average always.


Great app. Everything you need in one spot.

BP Companion

Easy to use, provides great statistics. Take it with me to the doctors office every time I go to show my recent and longer-term history.

great tool

nice app with reports. me and the doc plan on using data and reports .


Worthless and I need refund

Great Spp

Love, love, love! I haven’t tried other apps, but if there is a better one out there, I’d like to compare because this one is great. It does everything I want in an app.?

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