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How to check blood pressure

Its very complicated

New version had problem

After Update the new version the program cannot use and easy to crush

Read carefully before purchasing

This app will not automatically record your BP. You still need to do it manually and input it yourself. That being said, waste of money for what I thought it was.

I don’t like this app

I don’t like this app. It’s too confusing to setup. Poor customer support. I’ve tried to email customer service with simple questions on how this app works, I have never received a answer. They did take my money to upgrade. That worked fine.

Been using this app for well over a year now.

It's easy to record my BP and weight, and allows me to make notes each time. The app seamlessly integrates with and transfers readings to the iPhone's Health app. My doc loves the colorful graphics and info that the app's report provides. Awesome.

Gives averages. Transfers to Apple Health

Averages your readings. Copies automatically to Apple Health. Easy to read. Backup to iCloud. Easy data entry with spinners. Notes included. Weight included.

BP app

This is a great App for anyone who needs regular or occasional BP tracking. Easy, straightforward. Charts easily available. Your doctor can see your history at a glance and MAP which is an overall stat. Allows notes by individual readings. It would be helpful if you could see all your notes by date. Maybe some day.

Works like a champ

Never had to reinstall the app. The graph section is a good way to see where you've been.

Love this app

This keeps track of my blood pressure so then when I go to the doctor I can show her exactly what's going on. With this it shows when my blood pressure is high and when it drops down to low and I can track it to see if there's a trend. I used to use a wrist cuff to take my blood pressure I found that that is not reliable, so now I use a cuff that goes on my upper arm. That would give me a much better reading and more accurate.


I paid much more for apps that do much less!!! Sorry I didn't find this app first! I can't wait to send my doctor a PDF report to see what he thinks of my progress as I modify my medications under his direction.

Very pleased

Very happy with this app would recommend

My doctor now asks for the read out

I have been using this app for awhile now and love it. It's easy to use, and share information with my other health apps. I can have custom reports printed. My doctor asks for a yearly printout. The up dates have only made this app better. This is that one must have app.

Great App!

This app has helped me to keep track of my blood pressure over the past year and a half. It stores all of your info and makes it easy to share your info with your physician. Thanks to the creator and maintainer of this app!

Best heart rate app.

Being using it for a long time. Veri effective.

Easy tracking

Log BP, weight, set reminders to check, and add notes. Great app so far.

Works very well!

Nice app that does exactly what you want it to do.

Very helpful

I have been using the app about a week. I'm grateful to have such an easy way to track. Love the graphs.

Invaluable for electronic tracking!

I bought this app so I could record my BP electronically and transmit that data to my doctor. Even though I have to enter the data manually each time I take my BP, I find the document it produces invaluable to my doctor's needs for determining my treatment.

Makes it easy to log your BP

I have used most if not all the BP logging program. This is the best and easiest to use


Works great for me. Quick and simple to use.

I like it fine

Been using it for a couple of years. Nice to show doctor permanent record.

Easy use

Very easy day that injury. Display of history is excellent.

Works great.

Very useful in maintaining good health.


Works for me.

Works great

Simple, but has all the features I would want. Exactly what you need to track your blood pressure.

It's simple and it works

Very easy to use. Takes seconds to enter your blood pressure.

Nice, easy to use app

Quick & easy app that lets you quickly record bp and weight. Very convenient.

Does what I need

Simple tracks my needed metrics. No complaints.

Meets the BASIC NEEDS for accurate the logging blood pressure's

This app meets your basic needs for measuring and logging your blood pressure readings. The reports will give your cardiologist basic information of how you have been since your last visit. That being said there is an android app called Blood Pressure by Klimaszewski Simon that I used prior to getting my iPhone. The Blood Pressure app leaves this app and it's dust.

Great for what is does

Every time I see my cardiologist he says this is a great app and wishes all of his patients kept as good a record as it does

Does not replace BP devices

I bought knowing I can only measure my BP through my Apple Watch as it does on my heart beat. After installing I found out I have to use manually different Device that is old school then edit every time I measure. So I have wasted my time and money installing it only to find out it's useless coz it does not support my need. Please if you are selling an apps specify that it does not measure through Apple Watch but through other means this keeping your records every time you measure your BP records.

App that takes you at Heart

Excellent app that compliments the glucose app. What is great is how it works wit Apple'a Health App. No worries of transferring results. My Doctor only accepts results from this app. Love it

Works as baseline

Integrates seamlessly with apple health app

Life saving

Excellent APP, gives me exactly what my doctors want to see. Highly recommend.

Easy to use

Easy to use. Fantastic

Best BP tracking app

I like this app much better than what came with my phone. It has reports that help to track my blood pressure and separates it out into morning and evening. It also tracks heart rate and weight. I like the graphs also.


I am really impressed with this app. My favorite is the report feature. I can print it out for my doctor to review. Great app!


Perfect tool !

Excellent app for BP monitoring

Easy to input data and reports look really great. What I like most is the interface with other health apps.

Blood Pressure App

This is one of the best blood-pressure applications that I've ever used. X2, yes great…smile... My doctor is looking for ways to average the blood pressure readings...

What You Need

Makes recording data and tracking over time as simple as can be. Very easy user interface. Transferring data to email makes communicating with doctors not a problem.

Thank you

Very well done app. I use it a lot



Ease of App

This app gives my Dr exactly what he needs and more to do proper modification to my medication. Excellent App!!!

Very useful.

I use it every day. Share the average results with my doctor.

Super easy to use and understand.

Quick and easy to use.

A Significant Resource for BP Control

This is a wonderful app to follow the control of my hypertension. At times when control was not achieved, it helped me to present the data to my physician. Now it helps me establish and prove my adequate control. I highly recommend it. HEMARTINEZ

Each day it demands more access to your personal info to work.

NO ! You don't need access to my photos to record numbers I am inputting. Expletive!

Nice app

This is a very straightforward app that does what it's supposed to do. I initially tried several other BP apps. All had problems. I've been using BP Companion for about a year and I am very happy with it. No complaints and no recommendations for improvement.


App works good, except for the constant notice that pops up asking you to rate the app. This is not good for my blood pressure. Especially when you press "no thank you" repeatedly and it doesn't allow you to get by it.

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