Blood Pressure Companion Pro App Reviews

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Quite good

Comment on 27/12/2012 - I am very pleased with this app again. They fixed all my complains. The app is very reliable, it does not crash, not once. I highly recommend. Therefore, my rating is back to four stars, if not five.

All you need

This is a nifty app to log your BP data, with nice graphs and data export features. I just think the graph has to have a higher value resolution, since the cut off values for HBPM, according to most recent guidelines is 135/85, as these all-important values are not shown in the graph. Overall, it is a well-crafted app. Some of the competition out there just looks sloppy. I also think it would be nice if they could list validated devices in a roll-down menu, so that we could add that information easily in the notes section, and then set an "always use this device for my measurements" option.

BP App

Good app but lacks the ability to have multiple notification alerts.


Simple, clean and ease of use. Displays the info required in an easy to read and clear format. This is what I was looking for and am very pleased with the app.

GP Friendly

Luv it Can add / edit then create a PDF and email to my physician who reviews and files


Super easy to use. I like that you can print off a history of readings during a specific date. It took me a while to actually figure out that you can add a note when you do your reading. I like that you can edit it as well incase you make a mistake when entering it.


Very good and the reports are excellent and easy to read.

Handy, easy to use

If you are concerned about your BP, this is the tool for you. The trends, you will find useful


Good aid for monitoring blood pressure history Thanks

Great app

My doctor noticed my blood pressure was elevated a couple of visits in a row so she advised I get a home blood pressure monitor and check 3 times a day. She was surprised at the reports I brought in and I was able to pinpoint changes that worked to bring my BP down. Thank you to the developers for a great app!

Great before last iPhone update

Since the last up date, having a few issues. Before this last update for iPhone this app is great. No issues at all

Great app. Good purchase

Very easy to use and intuitive

A good and easy to use app

I just start using it, and like it very much. It is a good one.

Excellent easy to use

Super easy to use, would be even better if you could record O2 saturation also

Health watch

Easy interface to use and display.


Great tool for keeping track of BP. Ability to print out reports is a great feature.

Nice and Easy

Very simple to use, nice interface, reports, everything needed, worth it !


It is a great app. Easy to use.

Very Happy!

Im completely satisfied with this app. Easy to use and easy to relay the results to my doctor (she was impressed with it too).


Use this app quite often and think its a great tool. Weight, heart rate and blood pressure and also gives good goals to achieve.

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